Monday, March 15, 2010

Lambis Digitata or "Spider Conch"

The Lambis Digititata is one of the most interesting and distinctive-looking large marine gastropods. Because of it's long fingers or leg like projections, it has been nicknamed the "Spider Conch. " An interesting fact is that the females have longer fingers than the males. Found exclusively in the Indo-Pacific region, its species readily exhibit traits not so easily recognizable in other genera/families. When you hold this shell up to your ear, it is said to amplifies the sound of blood circulating within the ear. Since our heart pumps blood to the ear, when we listen to this shell, we are in a sense listening to our own hearts. Sometimes, this rare animal produces beautiful pink pearls, considered gems of wisdom and truth coming from the heart.

Spider Conch

38" x 48"

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